Learn to invest as part of the AngelNV community and make an impact

How does the AngelNV Conference work?

AngelNV connects early stage investors (angels) with entrepreneurs in the Nevada startup community. We provide potential angels the opportunity to learn how to invest together as part of a tight-knit community that is making lasting social and economic change. Angels meet new people, start a portfolio, and gain access to an experienced network. Our first-time investors grow to be part of the state-wide Nevada ecosystem, form their own investing funds / groups and/or join other organizations like FundNV, Reno Seed Fund, Sierra Angels, and others.

The AngelNV Conference starts with a four-month long Entrepreneurs Track to prepare companies and provide sufficient deal flow. Those companies submit complete profiles for investor review beginning on February 2nd. Investors will review 50+ applications and continue to narrow the field until the AngelNV Conference awards an investment on April 30, 2022. After multiple rounds of pitches and complete due diligence, a final winner will be selected by participating angels to receive the investment.

Meet a Nevada Angel

Jeff is a third-time angel for the inaugural AngelNV Conference. Jeff has been leading the effort for StartUpNV throughout Nevada – with loads of help from former Vegas Valley Angels and a burgeoning startup ecosystem in Las Vegas. Investors like Jeff have gone on to form and become involved in FundNV, the Sierra Angels, and other investor groups.

Jeff Saling

StartUpNV Lead | FundNV Investment Committee

There are two options to earn your halo as an AngelNV investor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is StartUpNV(SNV)?
StartUpNV (SNV) is a NV statewide Incubator that helps Founders/Startups to Create, Collaborate on and Capitalize their businesses by providing mentoring and support services.
Why is StartUpNV creating AngelNV?

To educate accredited investors on how to be successful angel investors in Nevada startups, growing our local startup ecosystem, diversifying our Nevada economy, and giving our local investors the chance to succeed in Nevada.

What are the investor terms of FundNV?

AngelNV is targeting a fund totaling $200,000 (or more) on or before March 25, 2021. Member units are priced at $5000 each, with an additional adminstrative and legal fee of $1,000 per unit. The fund will be managed through the Assure Glassboard platform and requires Limited Partners (members) to be Accredited Members of Glassboard.

Who will manage FundNV?

An Investment Committee (IC) of “Active” members selected by StartUpNV and AngelNV LP’s (members).  An “Active” member Angel is committed to attending all of the training and at least 60% of the periodic meetings about the companies.  Other accredited members may invest passively and participate occasionally in training and meetings, but will not participate in the final selection.

Who can invest in the fund?
Accredited Investors as defined by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.
How will AngelNV source deal flow?

AngelNV expects that the extensive statewide network of StartUpNV will provide sufficient applicants to the fund.

How big will the fund be?

AngelNV will be $100,000 to $200,000 with a targeted investment of $200,000 on March 25, 2021

What is the maximum initial investment by AngelNV that will be allowed per company?

The maximum total investment from AngelNV will be $200,000 per company from the conference fund. Additional investments may be made via a “side car” special purpose vehicle (SPV).

How much can I invest?

Active and passive member units are priced at $5000 each, with an additional administrative and legal service fee of $1000 per unit.  The minimum investment is 1 unit, there is no maximum up to 40 unit total amount of the fund.

How much risk is involved?

This segment of Asset Class, early stage startup companies, is considered to be very risky and it is possible for you to lose your entire investment given the very high risk. Prospective investors should give careful consideration to actual and potential risk factors and conflicts of interest discussed in the PPM in evaluating the merits and suitability of an investment in the fund. An investment in the fund, and the portfolio companies securities, involves considerable potential risks including the possible loss all or a material portion of your investment. You should closely review the written FundNV “Risk Factors” noted in the PPM when considering an investment in AngelNV.

Why should I invest in AngelNV?

First and foremost, we believe the AngelNV training, low cost, and risk mitigation will produce an competitive return over time. Additionally, AngelNV provides an opportunity to help develop a sustainable startup ecosystem throughout the state of Nevada that historically has been neglected by the venture industry. It is also an opportunity to attract scalable startup business and founders with big ideas to the state and build a more resilient state economy.

Where can I find information about this type of investment?

Typical sites that contain information about risks, returns, etc., are the Kauffman Foundation, Angel Capital Association, and the National Venture Capital Association. You can find out detailed information about AngelNV in the fund’s Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) on Glassboard. Please request access via email to jeff@startupnv.org

What type of startups will the fund invest in?

AngelNV LP’s (members) make the final decisions about what company or companies receive investment. The AngelNV conference will seek applications from a wide array of scalable startup companies, primarily based in Southern Nevada.

Once I invest, may I withdraw my funds before the fund is terminated?

No. You should only consider investing if you are comfortable with potentially losing all of your investment — or not seeing any return for at least 7 years — and possibly closer to 10 years. The clear objective of any AngelNV conference fund is to earn a substantial return, however, investments in early-stage companies are risky. While we seek to mitigate that risk by providing education through the AngelNV conference, the investment risks remain very high.

Can I invest with IRA assets?
Yes, so long as your IRA documentation and Institution allow such an investment.
What type of legal entity is the fund?

It is a Nevada LLC

What kind of reporting will I get?

The fund is using the Assure Glassboard platform for all back-office reporting requirements. You will be able to access information via Glassboard including annual updates on fund investments.

Can I invest additional money as a Limited Partner (member) with the AngelNV?

Yes, to the extent the company seeking funding via the AngelNV requires additional capital and that company allows additional investment for the AngelNV via a “sidecar” mechanism.

As a Limited Partner, am I allowed to negotiate terms of the Limited Partnership agreement for the Fund?

No, the terms of the LP (LLC Member) agreement are set by Assure and cannot be modified.

What kind of returns can I expect?
As stated, risk in these types of investments are very high and as such returns could be a total loss or in the historical range for early-stage ventures of 3x to 5x. Past historical returns for this category of investing are no guarantee of future returns and you should invest only with this understanding.
What is the relationship between AngelNV and StartUpNV

StartUpNV is the organizer of AngelNV, but they are separate legal entities. StartUpNV is a IRS approved 501(c)3 non-profit. AngelNV is a for profit venture fund formed as a Nevada LLC.