AngelNV 4 is Here!

now thru April 27, 2024  | Las Vegas, NV
AngelNV is a community of new and experienced startup investors in Las Vegas, Reno, and throughout the West. Investors join year after year because “You meet nice, like-minded people, see cool startups… and its fun”.  In our fourth year, investors have doubled the value of invested capital – enroute, with wise choices, to a 5x to 10x return on their venture capital portfolio.  Join AngelNV to learn the craft of startup investing, find, invest in high potential startups – and make new friends.

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About the AngelNV Conference

April 27, 2024: AngelNV will invest $400k+

Angels say there aren’t any “venture scale” deals in Nevada. Entrepreneurs say there aren’t any investors writing checks. AngelNV is bridging that gap through a series of events concluding at a live pitch event on Saturday, April 27, 2024 at 1:00 pm where an investment of at least $400,000 will be made. Click here to reserve a seat and attend

Since 2021, seven (7) Nevada startups have received over $2M of investment from 100+ AngelNV investors – and SSBCI matching from NBBGEI for more impact. With a MOIC (multiple on invested capital) over 2x in just 3 years, we are making good investments… and good friends in AngelNV.  Join us and learn how.

2022 AngelNV winner See ID and co-founders Bill Reny, left, and Ed Nabrotzky, right received a $200k investment.


Developing startups and helping them raise capital

AngelNV is operated by StartUpNV, Nevada’s startup accelerator. It trains entrepreneurs for fundraising. Founders register here for this year’s free founder boot camp – and prepare to be funded!


Building a bridge between investor and entrepreneur

We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. That’s why the process aims to forge connections in Nevada and boost the entire ecosystem by improving deal flow. The State of Nevada’s SSBCI matching funds double the impact of our investments


Training investors and providing a portfolio

We bring together first-time and experienced angel investors to invest as a group. The conference provides hands-on engagement and allows individuals to start building a portfolio of startup investments. 53 investors participated in our 2023 conference.

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Our Results…

thru February 2024

StartUpNV companies have seen success, but 99.2% of the capital raised has come from outside of Nevada. It’s time to share our financial successes — and create a LOCAL capital support network.

Attend AngelNV conference on your own or with family. Learn how to identify and properly invest in early stage startups.- Participate with those you meet through the conference to create your own angel group, join one of our existing Nevada based funds like FundNV, the Sierra Angels, the 1864.Fund, the StartUpNV syndicate – or invest via your own family office to create a legacy for your family and community.

companies have pitched to StartUpNV

investments made by StartUpNV funds / syndicates since 2021

companies invested in by StartUpNV funds & syndicates since 2021

$Millions invested by StartUpNV funds & syndicates since 2021

MOIC - Multiple on Invested Capital since 2021 inception of VC funds



The FREE AngelNV Founder Bootcamp provides in-person and virtual training for Nevada startup founders to prepare and apply for angel & venture capital funding.

2024 Finalist Nevada Startups

The Angels are narrowing the 2024 field. We started with 164 applicant startup companies on January 23. On Feb-20 we first narrowed to the top “sweet” 16 companies. On Feb-27 we chose our top 12 – and on March 12, we picked our finalists (see below) – congratulations!

The 7 finalists are the companies on which we conduct Due Diligence. Which startups will get an investment?  Why did the angels choose the companies they do?

Join AngelNV, learn, make some friends, have a voice in our investment – and make a great return!

The AngelNV 4 “Top 12” Semi-Finalists: 

– TILT ai                               – Rutabaga                               LuciHub                          – Standard Measure Technologies          

– Bumpr ai                           – ZenCentive                           – CloudForce            




Invest with new & experienced investors and make new friends


It’s easier to become an angel investor than you may think. Join our community of both first-time and experienced angel investors to make new connections, learn the process, and gain access to companies in the region.

The AngelNV Conference

Bringing Entrepreneurs and Investors together in Las Vegas